At Teambuild, we place great emphasis on the development of our staff. We believe in providing our staff the opportunity to build their careers with us through continuous training and on-the-job coaching. This is to further develop their core skills as well as their soft skills so as to harness their maximum potential.

We are a merit-based equal-opportunity employer where all staff are assessed based on their performance. Our employees will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic and challenging environment. All employees will have a career track through which they may progress and staff appraisals are carried out twice a year so as to provide regular feedback to them.

Caring for our staff includes providing them with a good work-life balance. To achieve this, Teambuild, through its Social and Recreation Committee (SRC), organizes regular recreational activities for staff such as karaoke sessions, BBQs, movie screenings and also sports activities such as bowling. We also encourage our staff to “give back” to the community through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

We are constantly looking for talents to join us and currently have vacancies in these positions. If you believe you have what it takes to excel with us and that you are able to demonstrate our core values, we would like to meet you.


•We build excellent buildings
•We build excellence
•We build our staff
•We build confidence
•We build our future
•We build your dreams
•We build communities
•Unity in achieving our common goals
•Unity in overcoming adversity
•Unity in heart, mind and spirit
•Unity in sharing our successes
•Innovative in our work processes
•Innovative in our solutions
•Innovate to Improve productivity
•Innovate to Improve quality
•Innovate to Improve results
•Leadership in the industry
•Leadership through example
•Leadership in Innovation
•Leadership across all levels of Staff
•Committed to the goals of the company
•Display at all times a fervent and unwavering determination
•Always deliver on our promises
•Excel consistently in what we do
•Building integrated businesses within the group
•Building sustainable growth for the company
•Generating healthy returns to our shareholders
•Inculcating a “can-do” spirit in our staff
•To our Clients, we deliver in our promise of excellence
•To our Shareholders, we give them sustained and fair returns
•To our Management, we give the best of our ability at all times and going beyond the call of duty when needed
•To our Staff, we provide an excellent place to work and grow, to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and Employer of Choice
•To our Community, not to cause harm to the environment or unreasonable inconvenience to others and where it is unavoidable, to mitigate it