From our humble beginnings of sub-contracting small parcels of jobs, we have steadily grown over the years to become a BCA-registered contractor with financial grades of A1 and B2 under the CW-01 and CW-02 workheads respectively. This gives us unlimited tendering capability for Public Sector General Building works whilst for Civil Engineering works, we are able to tender for projects up to $13 million in value.

Our main construction activity has traditionally been in public housing where we have long and proven track record in executing upgrading as well as new build projects. From public housing to public and private schools and institutions, private and public residential developments covering both new projects and upgrading of old estates, to recreational and healthcare facilities, we have built a strong portfolio of construction experience covering a wide range of building works.

We place great emphasis on safety, quality and timeliness of our projects. Over the years we have garnered several awards as a testament to our commitment.